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Міксер CleverMixx

CleverMixx Fun: The hand mixer that shows its colours.

This fashion-forward hand mixer will glam up your kitchen. Available in a range of colours, the new CleverMixx turns the fun factor up to max. And with its powerful yet quiet motor, it gives perfect results. And of course: all accessories are dishwasher-safe.

До міксерів CleverMixx
Lots of power for perfect results

Lots of power for perfect results.

The quiet yet powerful 375 Watt motor kneads dough very smooth and makes whipped cream light and fluffy. Four different speeds give you the right one for any job. Whatever you’re mixing, kneading or whisking, this new hand mixer is easy to hold with its ergonomic housing of impact-proof plastic, making work relaxed and enjoyable. Start right away and bring some colour to your personal baking style - with our fancy CakePop recipe.

Cake Pops made easy.

Cake Pops made easy.

We just can't get enough of them: Trendy cake pops are taking hearts and kitchens by storm. For a birthday treat or a special party, these mini-cakes are just perfect for any occasion. You too can surprise your nearest and dearest with these colourful cake pops.

Get the recipe

Shines in any kitchen – elegant design with stylish metal front cover.

Shines in any kitchen - elegant design with stylish metal front cover.

The quiet yet powerful 400 W motor effortlessly whips cream and kneads dough to perfection. Soft biscuit dough filled with a light and fruity centre, homemade sourdough bread and bavaroises are all easy to create with these elegant hand mixers.

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Colour up your kitchen.

Colour up your kitchen.

CleverMixx handheld blenders are the perfect supplement to any CleverMixx hand mixer. Dips, pestos and dressing are now prepared in the blink of an eye.

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