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Додаткове приладдя

Розширте можливості своїх побутових приладів за допомогою аксесуарів Bosch.

Many appliances can be enhanced by purchasing approved accessories. You can browse our range or contact us personally today to see what is available. Our shop provides everything from recommended cookware to replacement filters and dust bags for vacuum cleaners.

Cooking and baking.

Cooking is a voyage of exploration – even if good home cooking is more to your liking than something exotic from further afield. Take a trip to our online shop and discover the many great offers on reliable, elegant kitchen accessories, as well as many maintenance products, cleaning aids and other enhancements for your Bosch kitchen appliances.

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Прання та сушіння.

We want you to have many truly happy reunions with your favourite clothing items. For that reason we've thoroughly tested and reliably approved all the products from our online shop that prolong the lifetime of your washing and drying appliances at the best performance level. And we've come up with a couple of other ideas for providing your laundry a smooth and swift journey from the basket back to your cupboard.

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Миття посуду.

The perfect dinner calls for perfect tableware. Bosch accessories help you protect your dishes and preserve the perfect cleaning power of your dishwasher, optimising its loading capacity with many clever mounting accessories – for simply super-efficient dishwashing.

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Охолодження та заморожування

A balanced diet comes from a variety of foodstuffs. And because they exist in all shapes and sizes, they all have different storage requirements. Bosch supplies a range of clever components that you can add flexibly to your cooling applicance. These and much more are available in our shop to keep your groceries fresh, in an efficient and sustainable way.

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